How does Betternet VPN handle Netflix? Sadly, tests showed a different story altogether. Even with the premium dedicated server version, none of the websites that were joining to Netflix through the Servers could access Netflix. The VPN servers do, however , wedge access right from various other popular streaming services, including Hulu and Amazon Video as well. This was something that we did not expect and was one of the main reasons how come Netflix pertaining to Windows was delayed in finalizing the newest client.

However , the holds off did not quit there! Netflix did, in fact , launch all their application in July fourteenth, but it would definitely take many more months just before all the technological works will be finish and you can really say that the application is ready for key time. During this time period, many people are speculating the fact that application could be suffering from some serious bugs and that it might never always be released towards the public. Many users are credit reporting slow speeds, low quality online video and even absent video streaming on the two YouTube and Netflix’s webpage. While these issues are still getting worked on, you will find too many diverse servers to call that have decrease performance and poor quality streaming.

What do we do at this moment? While Betternet VPN can be experiencing a considerable amount of delays, you can still find a number of reliable companies in existence that provide excellent service and a reliable interconnection for those who need it. We recommend that you contact your preferred band width provider and enquire what program they offer that gives streaming exact same speeds when Betternet. For many people, this may be the sole option readily available to them mainly because their favorite communicate services may be clogged on major ISPs just like Verizon or AT&T due to the huge possibility of legal problems. In the mean time, Betternet VPN could be the reliable alternative to popular streaming on major ISPs with reasonable speeds and quality.